Fashion accessories, gifts, art & crafts from Africa

African handicrafts enable poverty stricken women to lift themselves out of poverty. In many African countries women are still marginalized, excluded from education and formal employment but retain  responsibilities for ensuring that the family is clothed and fed.

We have a range of ethically produced and fairly traded fashion accessories, including: the world famous Kiondo, African hand bags and baskets peculiar to , Kikoy, wraps silk scarves as well as hand made tableware

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Handwoven wild silk wrap by women artisans from the Manandriana area, made from 100% wild Madgascarn silk using traditional equipment and spinning methods.

The silk comes from endemic wild silkworms called Borocera madagascariensis, which are found mainly in the tapia forests of this region.

The unique dyes are vegetable and mineral based. It takes the artisans a whole week to spin and weave this shawl.

This wild Malagasy silk shawl can be distinguished by its quality and strength.

Hand or machine wash

Do not dry under direct sunlight

Can be ironed.

Suitable for Vegans
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