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Yesterday’s challenge in this 30 day blog challenge was about the Women in my life and today’s challenge  is for me to tell you about my typical working day.

Planting trees at the Villages in Action conference in Uganda

I really do not have a typical working day  but as online enterprise  there are things that I must do daily and these things make up my marketing strategy

My working day begins at 6AM and the things I usually do at this time are

  1. check and send emails
  2. this is also a good time to call suppliers in East Africa,  given the time difference which ranges 2-3 hours depending on the time of the year
  3. I schedule  the day’s tweets
  4. catch up with folk on Facebook, Business fights poverty and LinkedIn
  5. I write the day’s blog post if I didn’t do so the night before
  6. I oversee Africa on the Blog to ensure that there is a post for that day
  7. update the website with either new products or take off those that have sold

Depending on the time of the year normally the first half of the year where it is very quite I will take on additional work outside of Ethnic supplies to make the books balance, so I might be gone working for someone else  for the entire day. Phone calls are mostly scheduled,  so that I can give the caller undivided attention

Other activities that may fill my day include

  1. reading to upgrade my knowledge and my preferred reading is the Poverty blog on The Guardian
  2. contacting and following up buyers
  3. face to face networking
  4. planing  speaking engagements
  5. Coordinating the work of LTHT
  6. I also collaborate with others so depending on what it is an entire day maybe taken up by such projects or it might be a Skype chat with others involved
  7. looking for new customers

But most of that can change depending on where I am in the world as part of my work involves hands on project management on the ground.



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