Birds on the blog- Tales from Africa

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This thread slightly departs from my usual topics, but you will see more of it for reasons I will explain shortly.

Before I left for East Africa I and a few other women and 1 man received an inbox message on Facebook  from Sarah Arrow who shared an idea of a blog. What was unique about this idea for a blog was that all the bloggers would be women apart from the odd man Nick ,  the blog would also be about the experiences and views of business women.

I caught an attack of the giggles when I learned the name of the blog  BIRDS ON THE BLOG. How exciting I thought, I offered to share stories from my travels in East Africa- tales from Africa.

In my first contribution on BIRDS ON THE BLOG I wrote about an invitation for drinks with the  Governor of the Bank of Uganda as he reminiscent time under Idi Amin those were terrible times indeed.

In a follow up post I wrote about corruption in Uganda, are there circumstances in which it can be justified? The answer to this question is and emphatic NO. In this example that traffic cop put our lives in danger for the sake of a few pennies!

Keep an eye on BIRDS OF THE BLOG  for more Tales from Africa

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