City bombings in Uganda- some afterthoughts Part 2

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In the last thread I talked about the bombings of Kampala Uganda by Al-Shabab, a Somali militia group. I also expressed my fears/concerns in as far as the economic development of Uganda is concerned.

My fears or concerns  stem from a reference point dated 25 years ago. The country was finally rid of  Idi Amin and such like and had hailed in Yoweri Museveni. It was a terrible place to be and certainly folk would not have been out watching football  in such big numbers. I can imagine too Uganda was a no go area to the outsiders. For those of us that lived in the country at the time everything was scarce and I mean everything. There was no high street to speak of and certainly Al-Shabab,  would not have wanted to be in the Uganda of 1986.

The immediate change back then as I recall, we were free to go anywhere without the fear of being stopped or “taken away” for no apparent reason. This has remained the case as far as I am aware and I noticed that roadblocks on the Ugandan Roads had disappeared too.

I think it is safe to say generally people felt relaxed and the country did a lot to encourage investors to go there and invest and as such this improved life for most folk. My fear therefore is if the current government re- introduces some of the old practices from the old regimes, as a reaction to Al-Shabab or in effort to stamp them out,  the investors might live as well as the skilled Ugandan citizens, taking their skills and capital with them.

I sincerely hope I am over reacting here but only time will tell.

For now Kampala Uganda is getting ready to welcome all manner of people including African heads of state for the 15 African Union Summit. I have already asked  the question, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE AFRICAN UNION? and as I understand it security is at the top of their agenda.

In the next thread I will look at one of the issues that is being discussed at the AU. In the meantime, if you have a view, please share it!


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