Ethical Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones

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Valentine’s day is almost upon us, whether you believe in it or not is another matter altogether. I am not sure what you have planned for this day but I am guessing that you may want to buy a present/gift for you loved one.

If that is the case, I do wonder whether you have considered choosing a gift that helps you contribute to the lives of impoverished African women. By buying one of our products you enable these women to send their children to school, access health care and put food on the table and you get something that is unique and well made.

So what have we got on offer, with the increase in awareness about the impact of plastic bags, why don’t do something for the envrionement too by buying one of our handmade cotton bags or our unique shoping baskets from Madagascar. Our home storage solutions are fun, environmentally friendly and will cause a talking point for you and your guests .

Hopefully that has given you sometimes on helping the poor in Africa as well as the enivrionment

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