Facebook and the power of social networks

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I don’t when or how I got into Face book and it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know all the tricks or ways of getting round it but I know enough to use it to communicate with people in my network and vice versa. Something that I never expected to gain out of being part of such a network happened a few weeks ago and I was really touched by it.

I received a connection request from Sam who is based in Uganda, I didn’t know Sam but at least 3 people I know were connected with him, so I accepted the request.

On or around 12 Jan 2009 Sam updated his status  and in it he said he was launching a campaign to support/resettle a 12 year old girl who had been raped by her boss and had recently given birth

Please follow the rest of the story here


I was so touched by this that I dropped Sam a note asking what I could do to help. Sam responded that any money, clothes etc would be useful. I asked him for his number too and spoke to him on the phone later that day and learned the gory details of the case.

 I told Sam that I didn’t have much to give, having only come out Christmas and the current economic down turn, but I would send £10 through a colleague who was due out to Uganda later that week.

£10 is not a lot of money to most us in the western world but in a country like Uganda where people live on £0.40p a day my contribution to this campaign was well received.

I was grateful that I had been able to contribute to the life of a destitute girl, that I would perhaps never meet and that a chance encounter online enable me to do this.


If you would like to help this young girl and her child please contact Sam Ouga at souga@newvision.co.ug



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