Food Shortages in Uganda?

Food shortages have made headlines in the news recently. The debates appears to be split into 2 schools of thought.

  1. Says that with need to grow more food as the population grows it is likely that there will not be enough for us all and that African countries and India are especially affected
  2. the other that we already produce enough food to feed double the current population we just need to get it to where it is needed! In addition that those pushing for more food are simply interested in promoting the GM agenda

I am not sure who is right or wrong here  but I found myself agreeing with the second opinion in relation  to yesterday’s headline on  Uganda specifically North eastern Uganda

I have to stress at this point that the only aspect of point I agree with in relation to Uganda at least is that there is plenty of food, however it does not get to where where it is needed. I don’t doubt that people in Karamoja are starving either. But I wonder why this is? Travelling through other parts of Uganda especially,  to the West, SW and centre of the country one notices the abundance of food.A quick visit to local food markets around Kampala – the capital of Uganda and you will note how much food is going to waste

The question is where is it all going wrong? Why isn’t all this food getting through to North Eastern Uganda? The region has it’s own Minister who happens to be the President wife, so I can’t imagine that it is due to lack of political will but then again I could be wrong.

What about the role of the World Food Programme? Are they doing the best they can do or simply pushing the FOOD AID AGENDA?

We debated their involvement in Zimbabwe and Kenya over at Africa on The  Blog.

Another interesting point of view that was put forward by the think tank CHATHAM HOUSE was that we need to work out how to secure the food we have- in the west food is wasted between the fridge and the plate whilst in developing nations food is wasted between the fields and the plate. In developing nations there is an urgent need to come with ways to preserve food once it leaves the fields/farms.  This is very true and it could be the answer to food problems.

What do you think? Do you agree with either opinion?


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