Introducing Ethnic Supplies

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Ethnic Supplies was established in 2007  following a visit to  Uganda in December 2006. I was so shocked by the poverty I witnessed that I resolved to do something on my return to the UK. The result is an online business that supports women involved in textile and handicraft production.

Ethnic Supllies works to reduce poverty amongst East African women involved in textile and handicraft production. My aims are to ensure that their products reach the international Market and this involves buying products from female producers for resale in these markets. In many African countries women are still marginalized, excluded from education and formal employment but retain responsibilities for ensuring that the family is clothed and fed.

Ethnic Supplies  supports women in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar by sourcing handmade handicrafts and fashion accessories from suppliers that support women to be financially independent or directly from established women’s groups in rural locations.

The women we work with are almost always excluded from any form of employment and this is their only source of income, therefore buying our products provides valuable income to these women.

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