LTHT_brownbk2We are a community regeneration charity and our aim is to undertake community development through education , health and the improvement of communities in the developing world.

We achieve this be enabling communities to deal with day to day challenges that prevent them from becoming economically active. Our current work is in Ruhanga a village in South West Uganda as well as Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone we are working with the Lunchbox initiative which provides hot food for ebola patients and staff at the frontline of ebola.

Our objectives are

  1. To ensure that children that are educated at the school we founded in SW Uganda leave with sufficient skills that will enable them to gain employment or set up an enterprise of their own
  2. To create employment and income generating activities for local people
  3. To improve the health of the local community
  4. To build the capacity of Community Based Organisation
  5. To improve the welfare of the communities in which we work