Should Women in Africa care about International Women’s day?

It is International Women’s Day a day to celebrate women’s achievements.  This year’s theme is equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all.

Very good I say but the cynic in me can’t help but ask what this really means for women in Africa especially the poorest in African communities?

Late last year I was introduced to a group of internally displaced refugees from Northern Uganda, that have become  known as the Women Of Kireka (WOK).  These women fled the war in Northern Uganda and ended up on a quarry in Kireka a suburb of Uganda. I had the opportunity to meet these women after a chance meeting with @tmsruge on twitter. Find out how that went on this short video clip.

A lot has happened to improve equal right and  equality of opportunity for women and one could say that we are almost there. But what can be done for women in Africa? is it right that women should pass their days working on a quarry to feed their children?

The women know this is no way to earn living and are fighting back by making hand made jewellery from paperbeads.

If equality of opportunity and progress for all are to be experienced by all then we should all be doing our bit to end the unfair situations that women such as the WOK find themselves in.

I do wonder sometimes whether we are fighting a losing battle. Strange thing to say I know, following that visit to the quarry Teddy, Kayongo and I were at a diaspora conference in Kampala.

I was shocked to hear  one of the politicians dismiss our efforts to extend equality of opportunity to these women. If current and aspiring politicians do not acknowledge the existence of these women ans their circumstances, can they realistically hope to ever have a better life for themselves and their children?

When will those rights that women fought for all those years ago on the first ever International Women’s Day be felt by the Women of Kireka in Uganda?

Have you got a view?  Then let’s here ?


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