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Roman Polanski- views from Switzerland vs USA

Roman Polanski was recently arrested in Switzerland over a crime committed  in the USA way back in 1978. The world of film has vowed to stand by him and many have signed a petition to have him released. What has … Continue reading

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Africa can be a key economic player

That is according to David Lane speaking at the Pittsburg G-20 . He reasons that Africa has over 1 billion producers and consumers of services of goods. He calls for G20 to make Africa part of the solution to ending … Continue reading

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Poverty in Africa- please share your skills with us

Over the past two weeks I have written about my travels in East Africa last year and what poverty in Africa is really like and shared the views of folk I work with on the ground. In the last thread … Continue reading

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Poverty in Africa- the case for clean water

Last week I wrote about my visit to Dar es Salaam  Tanzania and conversations I had with Omari from the Investment Facility for Africa, as well as Ethnic Supplies textile producers Flotea and Elihaika. In this post I will present the … Continue reading

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Poverty in africa- the day today reality 2

Yesterday  I introduced Flotea one of our textile producers .  Flotea had left me with so much to think about and I went to sellp that night I wondered what the next day would be like as I was due … Continue reading

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Ending poverty in Africa- Trade not AID model

Yesterday, I introduced the notion that ending poverty in Africa was not simply about giving more money. I asked the question why governments were not promoting more sustainable models. A model that I am especially interested in is called RAISE … Continue reading

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Should Europe be taking fish from Senegal’s waters?

BBC 2 is currently running a series of documentaries that are looking at the FUTURE OF FOOD fronted by former Fair Trade patron George Alagiah both here in the UK and the rest of the world generally. The first episode … Continue reading

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Going Bananas

The debate about Hillary’s Clinton’s real reason for being in Africa continues. Some have argued that she has not done enough to address human rights abuse as well as worker’s rights. You will recall my recent post about this  and … Continue reading

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Exclusion over a glass of wine

I caught up with an acquittance on Friday evening at our local wine bar where we shared a glass of wine and caught up on all manner of things. She has hit the dating scene in a big way and … Continue reading

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Voluntary Work

Voluntary Work was the subject of at least two BBC radio 4 programmes yesterday.  The first YOU and YOURS a consumer programme considered all manner of issues relating to voluntary work including Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, the other PM … Continue reading

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