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Immigrants are not welcome here- part 1

Immigration is back in the news again well what with the general election announced here in the UK. In Saturday’s edition of BBC Radio 4’s Any Answers several people called in to give their views on the matter and Monday’s … Continue reading

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Will Africa be the source of world food in years to come?

Yeah right! I can hear some say and you will probably be right after all we have all seen the headlines of starving children in Africa. Please bear with me whilst I explain. The world is changing in ways we … Continue reading

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I would like to get fat on good quality food

I would like to get fat on good quality food including meat, this was a statement made by Ken Clarke on BBC Radio 4’s ANY QUESTIONS  dated 30/10/09 Listen at 40 minutes. A question was  put to the panel by … Continue reading

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What would you do if I gave you an English cow?

Strange question you might think  and like my friend Margs you would probably think I have lost the plot, her answer to this question was “I would make a beef Casserole”!! But when Helen Kongai a woman  in a remote African village in Easterrn … Continue reading

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