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Villages in Action – I would like to hear more of these conversations

  Happy New Year folk. How are you getting on with your New year’s resolutions so far? I know this is an odd question but what exactly are New year’s resolutions? Are the goals or aspirations? I recently stumbled across … Continue reading

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Why the Millennium Development Goals will not be achieved

The most recent posts here have covered a new kind of empowerment that sees folk at the grassroots having their say through a VILLAGES IN ACTION conference. In the last post I told you about how the actual day went … Continue reading

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Taking the microphone to the Villagers

In the last post we learned about a new type of conference from TMS Ruge, one that takes the conversation to the poor- VILLAGES IN ACTION I caught up Teddy a few days ago to try and get a better … Continue reading

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Villages in Action

Today we welcome Guest blogger Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora. Teddy is a mobile technology enthusiast and blogs frequently about the African ICT sectors and it’s effects on development. He has served on several panel discussions related to Africa, the … Continue reading

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Women Of Kireka- Uganda’s Internally displaced refugees

The current President of Uganda came to power in 1985 in a bloody civil war that saw the end of  the rule of Milton Obote’s UPC party. Whilst the rest of the country has enjoyed relative peace for most of … Continue reading

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