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Poverty in Africa- the case for clean water

Last week I wrote about my visit to Dar es Salaam  Tanzania and conversations I had with Omari from the Investment Facility for Africa, as well as Ethnic Supplies textile producers Flotea and Elihaika. In this post I will present the … Continue reading

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Poverty in africa- the day today reality 2

Yesterday  I introduced Flotea one of our textile producers .  Flotea had left me with so much to think about and I went to sellp that night I wondered what the next day would be like as I was due … Continue reading

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Ending poverty in Africa- Trade not AID model

Yesterday, I introduced the notion that ending poverty in Africa was not simply about giving more money. I asked the question why governments were not promoting more sustainable models. A model that I am especially interested in is called RAISE … Continue reading

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Brand Africa- Fashion

I recently came across the Ethical Fashion Forum and I went along to their event on 18/8/9. This event was promoted as focusing on sourcing from Africa. As the discussion got under way I could not believe some of what … Continue reading

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Going Bananas

The debate about Hillary’s Clinton’s real reason for being in Africa continues. Some have argued that she has not done enough to address human rights abuse as well as worker’s rights. You will recall my recent post about this  and … Continue reading

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Is educating girls the key to resolving poverty in Africa

The basis of my work at Ethnic Supplies is enabling women if Africa to lift themselves out of poverty. This work bring me in contact with heart wrenching situations especially women that have been abandoned by their husbands and been … Continue reading

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Exclusion over a glass of wine

I caught up with an acquittance on Friday evening at our local wine bar where we shared a glass of wine and caught up on all manner of things. She has hit the dating scene in a big way and … Continue reading

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Can Africa grow its own volunteers

This question has been on my mind for sometime now. Due to the current economic environment we have struggled to get volunteers from the traditional sources to out to our project in SW Uganda. I did wonder if Africa could … Continue reading

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Sales Assistants required at Ethnic Supplies

About The company Founded in 2007, Ethnic Supplies is a social enterprise that seeks to end poverty amongst African women involved in textile and handicraft production as this is more sustainable and dignified way out of poverty. Today Ethnic Supplies  … Continue reading

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An incredible journey by canadian peas

Listening to Obama’s speech yesterday reminded of my trip to Uganda last year. He urged Africa to stand up for herself specifically to come up with solutions to its problems. He told the audience that he would like to see … Continue reading

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