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Do UK African diaspora have a role in achieving the MDGs?

    On Thursday 29th September 2011 a reception was held at the UK Parliament. The theme of the reception was Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Role of  the UK African Diaspora The reception was hosted by AFRICA -UK … Continue reading

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Time to tell Africa’s story?

his is the conclusion reached by  The Observer newspaper and they have written several articles to prove it In the first article The Observer editorial tells the readers that Africa has regenerated itself , Europe and Britain in particular must … Continue reading

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Villages in Action – I would like to hear more of these conversations

  Happy New Year folk. How are you getting on with your New year’s resolutions so far? I know this is an odd question but what exactly are New year’s resolutions? Are the goals or aspirations? I recently stumbled across … Continue reading

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Are Africans in the Diaspora real Africans

or do we cease being Africans when we leave Africa? As  some  of you will be aware our guest blogger here Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora is organising a Villages in Action conference in Uganda and he explained how and … Continue reading

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Taking the microphone to the Villagers

In the last post we learned about a new type of conference from TMS Ruge, one that takes the conversation to the poor- VILLAGES IN ACTION I caught up Teddy a few days ago to try and get a better … Continue reading

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Villages in Action

Today we welcome Guest blogger Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora. Teddy is a mobile technology enthusiast and blogs frequently about the African ICT sectors and it’s effects on development. He has served on several panel discussions related to Africa, the … Continue reading

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