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Yesterday the BNP Leader was interviewed on BBC Radio and because his party is known for it controversial Foreign Policy this formed the basis on the interview. How many people will be allowed into the UK and an what what basis were his party to win.

By way of justifying his party’s stance on immigration he said they would not allow in people that had nothing to contribute before he turned onto nurses, he said

I would like to end the reliance of nurses from Malawi. Malawi needs it nurse so the UK should train its own nurses

I posted this comment on Facebook and asked if he was right and here are the responses I got

Ivan Kibuka-Kiguli U bet he is. But it it all comes to $, $ and more $.

Grace Nakate

Ida – I can see why his reasoning might carry weight.1. To retain medical staff leaving Malawi in order to redress their own health infrastructure.
2. To redress unemployment within the UK within the nursing and midwifery sectors.However – to me, it is his take on foreign policy which should perhaps be questionable as this to me is where the misconceptions and limited knowledge that factors in some of the narrow-mindedness policies of the BNP. If foreign policy worked hand in hand with policing Brit companies that profit from corrupt governments in places like Malawi – there wouldn’t be a drain on resources at the rate we see on either side.

Michael Trup

In many ways attracting trained medical personnel from developing world is just exploitation in the service industries. The benefit to the developing country is in the remittances and more sophisticated training the staff get…IF they return.The NHS should reimburse the country concerned the training costs for every member of staff lured to work… See More here. This would reflect the true cost to the developing country and to the NHS here. It might force us to pay medical staff more to attract more locals to train, but if it didn’t it would lead to more developing country nationals being trained to replace the loss.

Historically, the NHS does not pay high salaries so persons from developing countries, Jamaica included the meagre salary looks attractive and the training is the highest in the world.
The indigenous persons do not like to actually work, and not not having the human resources after the war. We all know that at one point it was in the developing  world persons where sought to ‘build the Mother country’. And we sure did!!! Irish women were Matrons, and excellent too and they suffered discrimination from the English too!
BNP leader just like to talk and has no solution to his funky ideas!! How many young people of ‘english’ descendent want to be a nurse? I doubt not many!!!

Michael Trup

Funnily enough, many ‘English’ nurses go to work in the USA or Australia for better money and conditions.
I found these comments interesting in the light of the recent discussion here on Economic Migration and Immigration in general

If as per Michael’s response UK nurses go elsewhere for a better income why is this wrong/objectionable fr nurses from the developing world coming here? And of course there is Brenda’s point of view, we often forget that these issues affect the West Indies as well as the Irish.

So where does this leave us. Both Grace and Ivan agree the  BNP leader has a valid point but his motives do not add up.

Is the answer in improving pay for nurses to make it more attractive for them to remain in their own countries?

What do you think? Join the debate. Is the BNP leader right if so why?

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