Ugandans act for Ugandan victims of landslides

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The folk in Bududa stare at an empty piece of land where their homes used to be

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A few days ago I became aware of an effort by Ugandan youth who are mobilising fellow Ugandans to aid the victims of the mudslides in Bududa NE Uganda on the foot of Mt Elgon 


Albert who travelled to area to assess the damaged caused by the mudslides sent this email


Dear tweeps,

I hope you have all been well. I am!

Arrived in Bududa today and spent most of the day at the scene of the slide and went to some of the areas surrounding the scene of the slide. The plan is to be here for about a week, map out the threat area and work with the communities on remedies.

Of course, as you might have seen on TV, the slide was devastating. Thankfully, we have had minimal fatalities, being on the ground, I can tell you that for sure; it could have been worse. You will be able to see from the pics the amount of soil the excavators are dealing with. A hill literally came down and covered a deep valley!!!

The slide thankfully happened on market day and at the perfect time for market business, 2pm, which meant that most people were in the markets and not at home. Also, the Chairman LC1 had raised an alarm about the crack already and there had been a sub-county team to inspect that morning. So people had considerably moved away.

Even then, 8 people are confirmed dead: 5 adults & 3 children (2 of whom were discovered today). The search for the 6 continues; the odds not withstanding. And by that I mean the soil is so much, more like a mountain of its own…but we’ll keep at it.

The numbers:
  • 15 households were buried
  • 8 people confirmed dead
  • 41 households directly affected
  • 56 neighboring the scene of the slide (have scattered cracks therein)
  • Total households at immediate risk are 97
  • There were 117 survivors
  • 11 were admitted, all released now
  • 9 neighboring villages are at risk as well, some have these cracks too…
  • In total, 496 households are at general risk and those have a population of about 4,215 people.

As you know, there some items here already from OPM, Red Cross, World Vision, St. Kizito, UNICEF…etc. But i can assure you that whatever you bring will be a fortune. To paint the picture clearly, the district had just 1million UgShs in their account when the disaster struck. Yeah!

There is a school sitting just at the top of the area where the slide started from and it faces the highest of risks should there be anymore movement of the ground. Bumarakha Primary School has over 400 pupils, and its heavy population of course puts more pressure on the already weak hill top. We had a meeting with the District Disaster Mgt Committee (DDMC) today and there might be a decision to close it. 

I would suggest that you guys pay particular attention to these kids as they would have to be relocated to neighboring areas to access school.

For the lack of a camp area or place to move the affected households, the survivors have been asked to share homes of their relatives or now or place in some foster homes arrangement till there’s a complete spread of sufficient shelter provisions or a relocation plan is done.

I have attached some photos and a ka small video for you guys. I hope they can help in the efforts to sensitize our target audience on the weight of these people’s plight.

Oh, and these guys have been battling cholera since Feb 2012. Imagine, as if that wasn’t enough ish they were going thru already. It does pour people, whenever it rains!!!

I’ve heard you guys are doing a great job, keep at it, humanity is an invaluable cause always. It could be me, you or a dear one in this some day.

Please help us help them by making a donation at


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