As well us supporting our work by purchasing our handmade accessories you now have the opportunity to visit the communities we work with in Uganda.

The opportunities offer a chance to work alongside African communities and make a difference in real people’s lives but also offer you something unique that you would perhaps not get elsewhere. You will grow and learn a thing or two about the way of life of life in African communities

What is on offer

Project 1

This Project is located at the Equator in Rakai district 4 hours from Entebbe Airport and very close to all the tourist attractions of western Ugandan. You have a choice to be involved in either a school programme working alongside teachers at a local school, community programmes teaching community groups basic hygiene, HIV and AID sensitisation, work with local business groups or work on a coffee farm where you will learn about coffee production as well as teach farmers basic business skills.

Project 2

This Project is located Kisoro SW Uganda  the home of the mighty Mountain Gorilla and places you right at the local community as you will placed within a local family. You have a choice of volunteering with a conservation programme located at Lake Mutanda teach physical education such as swimming, work alongside a local dentist to promote dental hygiene in the community, work alongside Doctors at the local hospital as well as work alongside teachers at a local school.

Project 3

This project comprises of 2 projects located within hours of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. At one of the projects you will be involved in the construction of the school whilst the other project offers education for AIDS orphans

What to do next

Choose which project you’d like to get involved in and email us for further details.
The minimum stay at each of the project is 2 weeks and you can combine your stay with a safari and this can be arranged for you through a local Tour Operator. Ugandan offers fantastic safaris without the queues.  As well as the big 5 Uganda offers some unique experiences to visitors such as tree climbing Lions, a variety of birds, Gorilla and chimp treks, sunken Tropic Forests, the Western arm of the Rift Valley,  Water falls not to mention the source of the mighty river Nile.