Will Britain be going to the International World Bank for AID?

No it is not April fool’s day folk that was yesterday.

The G20 meeting is under way and as I understand it at the top of their agenda is helping economies that are struggling under the current circumstances.

Notably  no one (at least as far as I am aware) has named who/which/what these economies are. Up until recently struggling economies automatically implied developing or emerging countries and as such a part of our tax would be sent to help them out.

If you listen to Conservatives it would appear that Gordon Brown and his chums have given us all false hope and that things  are so bad here in the UK that calling a large meeting will not achieve much. I have to admit to being an optmist but as my understanding of the world of economic situation is limited I am not sure who to believe. consequently like most folk I am in a panic about what future holds.

For those folk that are specialists in the financial and economic world are things so bad that we here in the UK are about to go to the world bank with a begging bowl?

If so what does that mean for the folk in the developing world?

Only this morning I heard Prof Sachs being interviewed on Radio. He referred to the mines being closed in the Congo and the prospects those poor folks faced specifically as far as food is concerned.  Rio Tinto is one of the major players in the mining world but they started scaling back their business a while ago, I suppose due to lack of demand for their products.

It is  only fair that people cut back on material goods that they do not need but sadly someone down the line will go hungry.  Is that fair on the people who earn a living digging up precious stones etc? Perhaps not as it is unlikely that such folk knowingly contributed to the current problems in the financial world.

So where do we go from here?

Is Britain about to join the queue for AID?

Is that unthinkable?

Please join the debate


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