10 Lessons I have learned as a community development worker

I have been involved in community development since 2008 and within that time I have  learned a few things that are worth sharing here

  1. Although I was born and raised in Uganda, it has not been my home for 25 years. this means that I don’t always understand the ways in which the country has changed/evolved and this has implications for the work that I do
  2. What might seem like a good idea on paper doesn’t always translate well in practice
  3. The community has to be at the centre of any community development initiative if it has any hope of succeeding.
  4. As a community development worker, it is important to be aware of my privilege and to keep it in check
  5. Listening and asking a lot of questions is the best way to learn and develop
  6. Not all problems can be solved by throwing money at them. Giving people things and money has its limitations. It may solve an immediate problem but  what would happen when that problem re-occurs
  7. Community champions are crucial in articulating community priorities and getting the community on board but be ware that these leaders may have their own agendas/interests that might mean some in the community are excluded
  8. Transparency is vital if you are to succeed
  9. You can achieve an awful lot with a little money – but you need a good plan and the community behind such a plan
  10. And finally to constantly check my motives for doing the work that I do.

Have you got a view about any of the issues I have raised here?

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