100 years of International Womens Day- Sabina’s story

As we count down to 100 years of International Women’s day, in this series of posts we bring you the personal stories of the women behind our fabulous products. We introduced you to Joy yesterday and today  we take you back to Uganda and bring you Sabina’s story


Sabina’s story represents one of the key challenges facing women in Africa today and one of the reasons women face enduring poverty ARMED CONFLICT!

The current President of Uganda came to power in 1985 in a bloody civil war that saw the end of the rule of Milton Obote’s UPC party. Whilst the rest of the country has enjoyed relative peace for most of that time this has not been the case in Northern Uganda in fact if you visited the North and South a few years ago you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in fact in two different countries altogether.

The 20 year war against Kony, he of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) created several refugees within the country and some of these made their way to other parts of the country.

The Women and their children from northern Uganda settled on a quarry in Kireka a suburb of Kampala and thus the name of the project WOMEN OF KIREKA and   HERE is a conversation I had with Tracey Pell founding member of Project Diaspora about the women

Sabina is one of those women and the  oldest members in Women of Kireka. She has five children, but only two of them are currently living with her. She relies on them to get around as she is confined to a wheelchair. Sabina is already a skilled tailor and would like to open her own tailoring store one day. I met up with Sabina at the back end of 2009  and you can hear that conversation in this video clip

The women produce a range of jewelery made from recycled materials and their most popular range is made with beads made out of recycled magazines: TO SUPPORT SABINA PLEASE BUY HER BRACELET ON ETHNIC SUPPLIES  ONLINE

Sabina’s bracelet

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