Africa Union Symposium

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A little while ago I “met” Dr Sam Kawumi in cyberspace and many conversations later I found myself addressing an African Union Symposium at the University of East London on 14 Nov 2009 under the supervision of the Libyan Students Union here in the UK.

The Union of Africa is something that is dear to their President and a subject for discussion on this blog

Some of the highlights of the event covered the multi level governance, education for women, the law as well as the role of traditional leaders in modern day politics.

The weather on  Saturday was dreadful consequently some people were unable to attend the event in person but listened in on a web based radio and here are their comments about the event

When I left the event I pondered the whole issue role of traditional leaders in modern day politics and started a discussion on facebook and here are the views of my facebook friends

Another conversation continued on twitter with @shiraabel, although I must admit we seemed to be speaking at cross purposes or at least didn’t quite understand each other.

I am always amazed at how technology makes it easy for us to have conversations about issues that matter to us without necessarily being in a given place physically as well as the opportunities that come with chance encounters on social media platforms.

On the subject of the role of traditional leaders in modern day politics, have you got a view either way? If so please share it


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