African inspired Christmas gifts

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If like me you are grappling with what to buy your loved ones for Xmas especially those who seemingly have every thing I hoping that this selection of gifts from our African artisans will inspire you


For the table- Our Table Runners are hand woven by female artisans in Mukono district Central Uganda, the runners combine two textiles raffia and cotton and are suitable for In or Outdoors.The set comprises 6 Place Mats and one Table Runner. Can Be wiped clean with a damp cloth

This shawl, or “lamba” in Malagasy, is handwoven by women artisans from the Manandriana area of Madagascar, It is women from 100% wild Madgascarn silk usingtraditional equipment and spinning methods.

The silk comes from endemic wild silkworms called Borocera madagascariensis, which are found mainly in the tapia forests of this region.

The unique dyes are vegetable and mineral based. It takes the artisans a whole week to spin and weave this shawl.

For Him/Her or the children-This African Tote is made from the finest organic Tanzanian cotton by artisans in Dar es Salaam. It is hand decorated with the African Big five and savannah scenery

Take it to work or shopping whatever you do enjoy it



For Her- Is she heading out to sunnier climes, then this handicrafted hat is the perfect gift. It is handmade Nivo our Madagascan artisan from raffia. It is dramatic and provides shelter from intense sun and heat, so you have no need to carry an umbrella. Its size means that it protects your neck and shoulders from sunburn and it folds easily for travelling and retains shape

For the Hamper- If you are putting together a Christmas Hamper, this is a perfect basket for you. Handmade by our artisans in Ruhanga from locally harvested papyrus this basket is traditionally used to process grain and cereal. You could also use it as a fruit basket and if you have a wood fire you will find this basket useful for displaying your logs

For the table or Bathroom- Handmade by our artisans in Ruhanga this pretty basket can be used to decorate the table or for storage. It is handmade from papyrus and used plastic sacks by women of Ruhanga SW Uganda, this basket is a fantastic addition to any dressing table or bathroom. It is traditionally used to store or serve food.




All these items gifts and others are available from our online shop

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