An African Valentine#

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5 things you could buy for Valentines day that will make a difference to Africa.

Got a loved one that you adore? Treasure with all your heart? Do they have a eye for preserving the planet? This stunning red bracelet from the women of northern Uganda will fit the bill.

This is a beautiful coil bracelet that will curl up your arm, so is ideal to be worn with a short sleeved or strapless (well it is valentine’s day!) dress. The bracelet is made from the most unusual beads – recycled materials. So it’s green as well as red! For a mere £8 your Valentine would be helping Africa, saving the planet and looking gorgeous – win/win/win all round :)

Buy here

Thinking of proposing? Getting down on one knee? Go for something a little more traditional, something more African…
Serve up your proposal in a Ugandan fruit basket, traditionally used at weddings to present high value gifts these baskets show the promise of things to come.

Hand woven from banana leaf stem and a type of papyrus this fruit basket will be spoken about for the rest of your married life. every time your beloved reaches for an apple a powerful memory is evoked, and a smile appears on their lips. Make your Valentines day unforgettable.
You can get one here

A special meal for two? Kachumbari made? Wine chilling? and you table is dressed with these superb raffia and cotton table mats and table runner. Hand woven using traditional methods these beautiful mats will make the heart of your African valentine sing!

Pink of course, but if pink is not your thing these table runner sets come in other colours (remember this for mothers day when you need to please your impossible to please mama).
You can buy them here

If the way to your Valentines heart is through their stomach, then look no further than these delicious valentine truffles (would go perfectly with the champagne for the proposal). You can order personalised truffles, dark chocolate “jewels” and of course Fairtrade chocolate. All created to order. Something truly unique for your loved one – get cracking and order ASAP, as these are hand made and hand wrapped.

You can order from here

If you are cooking your own special valentine dinner than look no further than our African Food section, filled with recipes and the stories and traditions involved with that recipe.

If your Valentine is a him, then this wild silk, hand weaved scarf is just the Valentines gift you are looking for.

Made from raw, wild Madagascan silk this beautiful scarf will keep your beloved warm. It comes in a variety of colours and like all the other products mentioned here – the benefit the African people.

You can buy one here

Come and share your Valentines ideas in the comments.



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