Are you kidding me?

Happy New year to you all. We are very excited about the prospects the new year is due to bring and I will be telling you about those in later blog.

Back to the title to today’s blog, before I hit the road to East Africa last month I watched a BBC Horizon programme called How many people can live on Planet earth

What really caught my eye about this programme was the issue of food security, something that affects the communities within which I work and one that I often write about here

Of concern to me was the fact that folk in the west and Arab countries too are buying up chunks of the developing world to grow food for their own populations. This food is exported out of the developing countries to the developed regions leaving the developing countries to rely on FOOD AID! How ridiculous is that, I ask?

Am I missing the point here folk? I was surprised to learn too that a country like Uganda one of the poorest is the second largest contributor to the FOOD AID programme in the world next to Canada! Are you kidding me? Why isn’t someone feeding the street kids on the streets on Kampala? None of this makes any sense to me folk as several people in Uganda told me how expensive food has actually become in Uganda. But that said I also learned that the food growers in Uganda have tapped into the rather lucrative food market of the southern Sudan!

Well with the world population set to grow, the debate around food security will continue!

Happy new year!


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