Being food poor

We are at day 12 of the 30 day blog challenge and if you missed day 11 you can catch up here .

Today’s challenge is about revisiting some old posts and bringing them into one post.

This is something I have done before in a couple of posts. I am not sure what methods other folk use but I prefer to bring together posts I have written on a given  subject matter. My most recent such was a collection of posts I wrote about International Women’s day  and gender equality

For this post, I have brought together the issue of  FOOD AVAILABILITY as it affects Africans in Africa.  Food availability and poverty are interlinked and in fact the poor are the most likely to go poor and therefore find themselves needing and or being given Food Aid.

Being Food Poor- I am not even  sure if this is correct terminology as in  the sense of say folk being described as being as  “cash poor but asset rich” or “time poor” but the posts I bring together here cover this very idea


My first post on this matter is way back in 2008-  Food distribution in Uganda – in this post I covered to issues Food Aid to a school at the source of the Nile- at time of visiting the school had just been removed from the World Food Promgram and the school governors were not very happy.

A few days later I came across peas for sale in a Kampala market. These peas had been donated by the Canadian government to the people of Rwanda who had been deemed as in need of food Aid. The other point I cover is Food distribution. This plays out very well in Uganda, in some parts food is going to waste whilst in others parts folk are starving to death.

The story of the Canadian peas got even more interesting and in this post AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY BY CANADIAN PEAS – the peas donated to Rwanda s food Aid made their way to a market stall in Uganda and finally to a Ugandan shop in Isleworth Middlesex  England.

I recently revisited the issue of  Food distribution in Uganda amidst reports of food shortages in North East Uganda and the big experiment by the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM

The issue of being food poor is one I will revisit from time to time because it has taken on an interesting twist. Europe fetching food from Africa- Yes Really.

With Europe running out of space to grow food for her growing population there is a new scramble for Africa called Africa Land grab. African land is being taken up by commercial farmers from Europe to grow food not for the Food poor of Africa but for Europeans, Arabs and Asians.

As if grabbing land from the food poor is not enough African waters have also been invaded. In this post SHOULD EUROPE BE TAKING FISH FROM SENEGAL I  discuss the tough choices that we have to make in order to ensure that we do not threaten the food and water security of the Food Poor.

As if that all that was not bad enough some staples  the food poor depend such as bananas have been hit by disease

So as you can see folk I am not quite done with this topic. I would appreciate your point of view on this issu of being food poor



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