Does size matter?

Some African countries  are to small too compete economically that is according to Sudanese born Mo Ibrahim

But does he have a point?  Will the reunion of Africa in economic terms be the answer to poverty and hunger?

When I was a young girl we had the East African community,  the adults at the time say the community was very good for economic growth and education, students   from within the community could apply to and attend any University within the community.

I am not quite sure why the community broke up but word is some external forces were threatened by its success, so it had to go! Really, I sincerely don’t know, but this as a reason sounds far fetched!

Interesting though I have just finished reading  WARS GUNS AND VOTES DEMOCRACY IN DANGEROUS PLACES by Paul Collier and he makes a similar point but as it relates to public goods provision.

My question, if size does mater in terms of public goods provision and economic growth,  Luxembourg must be one of the smallest countries  out there but  why aren’t  her citizens  dying of hunger or living in abject poverty.

New economic communities are emerging in Africa SADC, COMESA even the East African community has been given a new lease of life and has new member countries. Is this the futyre for Africa? Will these organisations offer and deliver member states and their citizens new hope. How much clout do they have in terms negotiating on international stages?

Would like to hear from you if you an opinion on any of the issues  raised here



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