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We have travelled through East Africa andMadagascar to bring you the best African textile and handicrafts from female producers who cut, sew, knit and bead. Because our products are handmade there maybe a variation in size or the slight imperfection. The raw materials are almost always harvested by hand and sundried before they are turned into the beautiful crafts that you see in our shop. Our products are full of colour and the colour is produced from plants or their roots

Our product range evolves from time to time and includes

Baskets: East African women produce a range of baskets which serve an important role in their day to day lives as well as in traditional ceremonies. Baskets are typically produced from Water Hyacinth, Banana trees, Palm leaves, Raffia, Papyrus, hide and Sisal

Handbags are produced from similar materials to these used in basket production as well as Raw Silk whilst some are made from Cotton

Our scarves are made from fine cotton of Tanzania and Raw and fine silk of Madagascar

Place Mats these are made from Raffia, Cotton and Palm leaves

Beads, the most exciting beads are made by Uganda women using colour magazine paper. We also have the famous Masaai collars which are colourful and fun to wear

Costume Jewellery is produced from cow horns, semi precious stone of Madagascar, Wood, Coconut shells and seeds from plants

As well as our online shop the other way of distributing our products is through home parties. We offer a generous incentive to our party organisers. If you would like to find out more about being a party host/ess please contact us


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