Ethnic Supplies at BBC Gardener’s World Live 2009

There is always a first time for everything and this year it is our first time at the BBC Gardener’s World Live at the NEC in Birmingham.

It has been a long journey getting here and when I started Ethnic Supplies I never imagined a day when I would be exhibiting at such a prestigious exhibition.

We are in Hall 19 and our stand number is C137. We have had a good start and our Wild Silk Scarves have generated a lot of interest

That aside this week is World Trade Week (8-12 June 2009) and Africa needs trade now more than ever before. Why? Trade is the only sure chance that Africa has at getting itself out of poverty.

However this trade must be equitable and wherever possible value must be added at source. This creates jobs within African and enables African governments to collect  more tax revenue.

Our female producers for instance work with whatever materials they can find in their environment and sometimes recycle materials into usable things and the msot exciting in this category are the paper beads from Uganda. Imagine if you will a woman being able to send her children to school, pay for health care, improve her housing conditions as a result selling those beads or baskets made from raffia, that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between AID and trade.

Will the world take Africa as a serious Trade partner?

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