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Have you heard about Global Giving UK, a charity of charities? This is how the charity describes itself. enables you to donate to well-vetted charity projects in regions such as Asia, Africa and South America, and to tangibly see the impact of your giving. Projects on are screened to ensure they meet a genuine charitable purpose, in areas such as education, health, economic development and the environment

I submitted our project  in South West Uganda and I can confirm that
the screening is the toughest I have ever been put through. We have made it through to the last round and we need your help to raise £1000 in order to remain in the competition.

Please make a donation at Every little helps as the good folk at Tesco keep reminding us, so £1 or £2 or £5 will help us get to out target

Our purpose is to get clean water to folk in Ruhanga SW Uganda and provide education for village children under the age of 7

I hope you can help us


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