Happy 49th birthday to Uganda

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Idi Amin
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On 9th October Uganda celebrated 49 years of Independence from British rule.

As  the country enters it’s 50th year of independence  I thought I would ask some questions for us to discuss

  1. What does  independence really mean?
  2. How has life changed for the ordinary Ugandan?
  3. What has been achieved in the last 49 years?
  4. Most people I come across will ask me where I am from and when they here that I am from Uganda the first thing they say to me is Idi Amin. But is there more to Uganda than Idi Amin?
  5. What will the next 50 years look like?

I also have some observations too from the last 49 years

  • Idi Amin  who expelled the Ugandan Asians sending the country into an economic quagmire
  • Museveni brought stability to country but 26 years on it would appear he is not ready to go
  • The Aids epidemic hit the country but the government fought back which meant that Uganda became a case study of best practice in the fight against Aids
  • Whilst the rest of the country enjoyed relative peace and development Northern Uganda suffered a terrible civil war under Joseph Kony of the Lords Resistance Army
  • Uganda proposed to pass an Anti Gay bill that was critised by the world when David Kato a gay activist died
  • The discovery of oil in the Albertine basin
  • The arrival of mobile phones  in the country
  • Women  in government
  • Walk 2 Work protests
  • A former Vice President was remanded in custody for his role in the disappearance of CHOGM funds
  • An unacceptable number of women still die in child birth
  • Why are 2 Million Ugandan children starving?

As I write this the Mo Ibrahim index of African governance has just been issued and here is how Uganda scores out of 53 African countries

  1. Country index- 20th
  2. Safety and rule of  law 23rd
  3. Participation and human rights 21st
  4. Sustainable economic opportunity 18th
  5. Human development 21st


Although Uganda is not at the bottom of the  the ladder in any of the categories, is this good enough?

Who’s job is it to ensure that Uganda moves to the top 10?


I will keep it short so that we can have a discussion

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