Is it ethnic or African fashion?

Day 9 of the 30 day blog challenge and if you missed yesterday’s post you can catch up here.


Today is all about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION using some key phrases that folk use when searching for this blog. Hmmmmm… a tall order here, but I am not one to shy away from a challenge and besides I have come this far  and all that..



The starting point for me are the products behind Ethnic Supplies which I describe as – Fashion accessories, art and handicrafts from East Africa. But are those the words that folk would type into a search engine to find our online shop?

A quick search tells me may be not, instead the following words come up


  1. ethnic fashion
  2. African fashion
  3. African jewellery
  4. African bags
  5. African art
  6. African masks
  7. handmade bags

Key words aside African or ethnic fashion as some call it offers a sustainable way out of poverty especially women.

Why? Fashion provides an opportunity to lift many African people out of poverty as VALUE can easily be added at source unlike some of the agricultural products such as coffee. In addition Africa fashion accessories produced by women are mostly from recycled or organic materials and are from sustainable sources


In Madagascar for instance, wild (raw) silk is collected from the forests and woven into beautiful fabrics. These fabrics are for instance used in the making of this bag which starts life as a plain basket made from palm leaves. Palm leaves have no use unless value has been added to them.

African wild silk scarves
Wild Silk from Africa


In Rwanda sisal, a cactus like plant is used in the making of these beautiful baskets, the same material is used in the making of these silver sterling earrings.

african beads




The bark cloth from Uganda is very environmentally friendly as its extraction does not involve the cutting down of a tree; simply the bark is removed, and is allowed to grow back.


bark cloth

So there you have it folk, what phrases would you  use to find Ethnic Supplies

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