It is World Mosquito Day

Sir Ronald Ross- photo from DFID

Remember my post here MAMA SAID THERE WILL BE DAYS LIKE THIS?, well we have another today. WORLD MOSQUITO DAY, on 20th August in 1897 Sir Ronald Ross made the link between malaria and mosquitoes.

An important link it would appear but that is several centuries ago. How and when do we get to the point when we no longer have to mark this day?

One way of getting rid of mosquitoes would be to get rid of their breeding grounds wherever possible. If you take a look at the video below it depicts a typical breeding ground for mosquitoes and sadly the village in SW Uganda where this clip was made has no access to clean and this is there source of water!

Why is this? We also know that malaria does not only affect poor people in teh developing world as Poor Mrs Cole discovered

Have you or someone you know been affected by malaria? Please share you thoughts

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