It is World Poverty Day!

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I am not quite sure what means exactly but a quick search on the internet led me to this link. it would appear that the leaders of the main parties in the UK general elections are out and about spelling out exactly what their plans for developing countries will be once in power.

Some thing that caught my attention is David Cameron’s visit to a Islamic charity in Birmingham. Alongside him was Andrew Mitchell the Shadow Secretary for International Development, who was interviewed about the conservative policy on international policy.

I do agree with him that more has to be done to ensure that AID  gets through to those that need it the most. I also agree that we the tax payers should be told more about where our money goes and be shown the outcomes of this form intervention.

I however  question the wisdom behind what he called an “ex-factor” type  of voting that will see us the public deciding who in the developing world deserves our help!

If the current checks and balances of ensuring that money get to those that need are not working, is the answer hidden in changing how or to whom the AID is allocated?  Or is this a way of getting votes from the voting public? How would this actually work in public?

Is it time perhaps that the whole idea of AID was overhauled?

This year also sees the 10th anniversary of the Millennium development Goals but as discussed it would appear that it is unlikely that these will be met either.

Should this perhaps be the focus for Andrew Mitchell and his chums?

Do you know what World Poverty day means? I would love  to hear from you

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