Let Them Help Themselves Out of poverty  (LTHT) is a community regeneration nongovernmental organisation  giving communities the tools to deal with day to day challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential and becoming economically active. LTHT is based in Surrey, England and dedicated team working closely with partners in Uganda runs its operations there.


Our vision is a world in which women and girls do not suffer economic disadvantage because of their gender.


We work with rural communities in South West Uganda by combining our country experience, knowledge, and resources with the peculiar issues affecting girls and women. Our focus is on education, Skills development and economic empowerment. We aim to be a model organisation, capable of providing a good example on rural development for others to follow.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  (WASH)

Our aim is to ensure that communities we work in have access to clean water and toilets. Through this program, we especially focus on menstrual hygiene and ensure that  girls and women manage their period in a hygienic way. We achieve this by enabling girls and women to access information about menstruation as well as clean and safe menstrual absorbents

Skills Development Initiative

Our aim is to ensure that rural girls aged between 15-25 that are not in education, employment or training (NEETS) acquire a skill that they can use to either create their own employment or access paid work elsewhere.


This program focuses on the economic empowerment of ultra poor rural women by providing them with an asset that they can use to start a micro enterprise as well as relevant training on how to manage those assets and run their enterprise.

We engage and facilitate community dialogue in order that communities can articulate their needs. We offer knowledge, skills and resources to build individual and community capabilities. As a learning organisation, we seek to collaborate with experts and learn from the communities where we are present as to what interventions work best and why.


As well as offering practical support for issues we care about, we share our learning via our blog and participate in forums relevant to our field of work.


LTHT was established in 2008 in Walton Thames Surrey by a group of African women in the Diaspora under the leadership of Ugandan born Ida Horner and registered with the UK Charity Commission (1127387). LTHT has moved from fundraising for projects managed by a local Community Based Organisation to fundraising and implementing projects on its own. To this day the Trustees are committed to the long-term development of the organisation as well as the promotion of its values.