Mama said there will be days like this

Following my open letter to the British Prime Minister I found myself thinking about the issue of declared days to mark certain issues in society.

I have written about some of them MALARIA DAY ,  WORLD POVERTY DAY , BLOG ACTION DAY, there is

International Woman’s Day, World AIDS Day and so on and so forth.

I did wonder if somewhat out loud why we need these days and as one of my  Twitter buddies said,

I look forward to a time when there will be no  WORLD POVERTY DAY

I am not necessary concerned with the fact that we have days to mark these issues  more so with what happens for the rest of the year before the day comes around again.

When I think about the G8 and G20 meetings, they meet year in year out but does any work actually go on to effect change? What about all the other days which deal with righting wrongs/injustices even within society?

Do we all forget about poverty, AIDS, MALARIA, DISABILITY, WAR HEROES until the day to mark these issues comes around again?

Having these days concentrates the issues in question in all of our minds but what can we do about these issues/causes during the year to ensure that one day we can do away with these days?  Does it also mean that we are an unfair lot that we need some in society to remind us once a year to be fair to those less fortunate than us and if so what does it say about the human race!

What about the people directly affected by some of these issues, do they get to have a say? How do we improve their circumstances by having these days?

Just some of my thoughts on DAYS. Have you got a view? Perhaps you are a person that plans those days, EARTH DAY or some such day, please share your thoughts


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