MDGs- are we nearly there?

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were set by the UN to address challenges facing folk in the developing world.

To say that that they were ambitious is an understatement but they gave the developed world something to work with, a sort of strategy if you like until 2015. We are 5 years away from that target and I sense a real nervousness in some quarters as to whether these ambitious goals will be met. In fact some have gone as far as stating that African countries will not meet the target.

The big question is why is this? AID to the developing world has not been reduced as far as I know in fact in some case it has been increased. Has commitment to the goals by folk in the developed world wavered? I don’t know but I sincerely don’t think so.

African countries have taken the goals on board and started to work towards them such as Uganda’s universal education

The question is if everyone in the world of International development has embraced the MDGs why are we unlikely to meet them?

One of the reasons that has been put forward is that role of business in meeting the MDGs was not recognised/defined early enough, in other words Business was not considered as a potential vehicle through which these goals can or could be met by the architects of the MDGs. A fatal error or an excuse?

The role of business in ending poverty is well documented so is it possible that all those large corporations out there were simply overlooked in one of the most Development policy of this century?

Have you got a view on this matter? please share it

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