#MDGs- the cameras are switched off now what?

A week ago all cameras were on UN Summit as the great and good convened in New York  to review the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs .


If you followed the news and discussions on the various social media platforms you would have noted that  opinions were divided. The key points of note were

  • More Aid is required
  • some countries especially in sub-saharan Africa are unlikely to meet the goals
  • the goals are not realistic and should be treated as mere aspirations
  • goals not far reaching as elements such as governance are missing

Just about the same time two stories broke regarding Bono, his fashion label as well as his ONE campaign. Rotten timing I would say for someone in his position. Nevertheless if this is what  folk like him that are on record as advocating for a fairer deal for Africans get up to when the cameras are switched what hope is there, if any of meeting the MDGs,

I am going to keep this very short as  I would to give you the reader especailly if you are a fellow African a chance to answer this question, because I believe that after so many years of aid getting pumped into Africa we are not getting anywhere near being self sustaining  if we need outsiders to come in and set us goals in spite of the wealth that we have on the continent. Are we perhaps asking ourselves the wrong questions?

What can we as Africans do for ourselves today, without Aid from the West?

Please leave your answer to this question or any other comments below

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