Mo Farar- immigrants are not welcome here

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English: Mo Farah at the 2010 European Athleti...
English: Mo Farah at the 2010 European Athletics Championships in Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not having a television has meant that I had not watched the Olympics games until Saturday 11/8/12 when I happened to be at a friends house. We watched the men’s 5000m race and I can’t tell how good it felt to see Mo Farar win. What surprised us both was the fact that although a Ugandan man was competing in this race we were all firmly behind Mo and willing him to win and sure enough he didn’t disappoint. Another observation we made was the pride with which Mo wrapped that British flag about him!

Prompting this tweet from piers Morgan

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)

11/08/2012 20:05


Next time some racist goon says ‘we let too many bleedin’ foreigners into this country’ – say two words back: ‘Mo Farah’. #TrueBrit

But where is Piers in his thought process?

I don’t know for sure but I wonder if he meant that the contributions of immigrants are not often appreciated and instead the focus is on  what immigrants take out of the system. In fact it is not unusual to still hear sentiments such as “these immigrants come here and take our jobs”  for some reason these sentiments tend to be heightened at election times and I explored this topic in the lead up to the last elections


Mo was born in Somaliland the irony of this is that Britain does not recognise   Somaliland  and I bet not many of us know where that it . Notwithstanding the Gold medals he has contributed to team GB’s medal tally  the most important thing he has done is inspiring other young people like him. For you see it’s been reported that Mo was not academic type so his teacher encouraged him towards athletics.


Has Mo’s success also given teachers out there food for thought?


Whether or not that will encourage other teachers out their to nurture children’s talents having seen Mo’s performance only time will tell. But o Saturday 11/8/12 Mo Farar gave the UK something to be proud of as the crowd cheered him on!




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