Our producers are all female and either work for themselves or are part of local women’s group. The biggest group is the Hand Products of Tanzania (HOT). This group is made up 35 female entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania under the leadership of Mrs Elihaika Mrema

Mrs Elihaika Mrema and her daughter

Elihaika (in white) is the team leader of HOT as well as a textile producer. She is wearing one of her dresses. She promotes the work of the group and ensures that they have access to public funding to enable … Read More


Julia is a member of the HOT. She is a widow and looks after a family of nine. She was forced out of her village by fellow Masaai women who were concerned that she may go after their men. Julia’s … Read More

Madame Rasolariosoa Henriette

Madame Rasolariosoa is a unique and rare African woman Working from her home in Antananarivo Madagascar, she is pictured here with some of the ten men that she employs, they cut, sew etc to produce amazing baskets and bags

Madame Patricia

Madame Patricia specialises in silk textile. She has a workshop in a rural location where silk is produced. She uses her home in Antananarivo as a show room for potential customers and employs other women who weave the silk yarn … Read More

Mbuya Charity Uganda

This group is based in one of the slums of Kampala Uganda and group is lead by Jolly Wako (far left). The group supports women affected by HIV and AIDS who would otherwise have no support . They weave baskets … Read More