Ruhanga- The search for clean water is nearly over

Day 3 of Nikki P’s challenge and if you missed yesterday’s post please follow this link . Today’s task is all about call to action- what do I want you folk to do as a result of reading this post!

Ann and I have been working tirelessly for some time now to get clean water to the folk in Ruhanga in SW Uganda. We have had a lot of support from well wishers and the digging for clean water finally got underway in January this year

I am passionate about the issue of accessing cleaning water because I know what it is like not to have it. You can read about my personal story here

In this you tube video I explain in greater detail why it is necessary for institutions such as the World bank should invest in clean water


As the heading of this post suggests we are nearly there in terms of getting water to the folk. When we first started this campaign we were looking for #15000 and now we are only looking for #2000, so when I say we are nearly we really are  nearly there. #2000 will mean the the folk in Ruhanga can turn on a tap and get a glass of clean water and ensure that children are not walking 4 miles to access a glass of clean water

So what would I like you to do as a result of reading this post

  1. please share this post with your network
  2. please consider making a donation, even if it is #1.00 imagine if 2000 people each donated a #1.00- then our search for clean water would be over. You can make a donation through PayPal
  3. if you live in or around Surrey and are free on 17th April 2011, please consider joining our sponsored walk around Virginia Water lake
  4. are you able to help with our fund raising effort in some way, maybe a collection at work or baking cakes to sell  to your colleagues or at school, then please get in touch




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