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Hmmm, it has been  way too quiet here for several reasons- but hopefully that will not happen again.  I will promptly pick up where I left off- NIKKI P’s  30 Day Blogging challenge, here is the last post

Today’s challenge is about spreading the word- promoting someone else’s blog specifically one of a fellow participant in the 30 day blogging challenge

I have selected 2 people to promote

Pippa Haines a part time web designer  I like this post Have you got The X-Factor about Cheryl Cole’s sacking from The X-Factor, I have never sat through an entire episode/series of the The X-Factor so what I know about the show can be written on the back of a stamp. But Pippa gives sound advice and tips on where and how to find inspiration for blog posts and why this matters for a small business.

The other reason by reading Pippa’s post made me revisit a post here about Cheryl Cole’s malaria episode– Will things improve for the poor girl?

Amanda Barber makes soap and other bathroom goodies- her blog post how to make Bath Bombs is full of tips on how to make your own soap but also on the necessary EU regulations that might affect you. I loved this post and Amanda’s blog generally because I love all things handmade and the idea of self sustaining is really appealing

This is a short post to enable you to go an explore both Pippa and Amanda’s blogs- but please do come back and share what your thoughts here




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