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I thought I would do something different  in this post!

Compile a list of 5 posts that have received the most comments

  1. How much do folk in the Western world know about fairtrade – in this post I discussed  the issue of FAIRTRADE  an how much folk in the western world understand the idea/notion of Fairtrade.  I asked another question too, HOW FAIR IS FAIRTRADE. I came across an article that seemed to suggest that people didn;t know much FAIRTRADE simply because the government had not done enough to publicise if both by way of benefit to the environment as well as a means to sustainable and dignified ways of poverty- this post generated 49 comments
  2. Are Africans in the Diaspora real Africans– in this post I discuss the issue that keeps cropping up of WHO IS AFRICAN and another  WHO IS QUALIFIED  to speak on behalf of Africans. My good friend @tmsruge found himself in the  hot chair of those in “know” and emotions run high!- this post received 15 comments
  3. Immigrants are not welcome here part 2– this post was the second instalment in which I looked at the issue of Immigration and why folk would be prepared to cross deserts, seas and oceans to get to Europe. Part 1 is here – this post received 12 comments
  4. Is Educating girls the key to resolving poverty in Africa the issue of educating African girls as a key to ending poverty  is gaining moment and in this post  I discuss what lack of a formal education means to some women but I also wonder whether the focus should be on the education of boys in order that African women are not vulnerable to domestic violence amongst other things- this post received 12 comments too
  5. #MDGs- the camera are switched off now what?– Although this post had set out to look at the progress of the Millennium Development goals and why we are unlikely to achieve them, the question I asked at the end appeared to have drawn folk to the conversation What can we as Africans do for ourselves today, without Aid from the West?  this post received 11 comments

I will be interested in your views on any of those posts


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