The scandal of wasted food at Tesco

Today I return to one of my favourite topics  FOOD. The availability of food is something I return to on this blog time and time again.

I am often surprised and even shocked that whilst millions are going hungry some have so much food that it goes to waste. The point of waste differs depending on the level of development of a given country.  In developing countries such as Uganda, food goes to waste in the garden as I discovered during my last visit , whilst in the developed countries that wasted occurs between the fridge and the folk.

But yesterday we learned the extent to which supermarkets such as Tesco waste food that doesn’t get to our fridges. Tesco wasted 28,000 tonnes of food in the first 6 months of this year alone.

I take issue with this level of waste because supermarkets have been known to squeeze the last margin out of their suppliers, as the cost of living has gone up we have had to cut back on our food bills and increasingly folk are relying on food banks to survive.

But what ultimately makes this scandal in my eyes, is the possibility that some of this food is imported from countries with large populations going hungry night after night night.


As I discussed in this post increasingly huge chunks of land in Africa are being taken up by commercial farmers that grow food for the European market. Citizens of those countries, who incidentally work on such farms either go hungry or depend on food aid and the food they grow wasted when it gets to Europe.

Where is the fairness in such a system?

I don’t know about you, but if access to food is not a human right, it should be

Your thoughts please?

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