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Day 6 of Nikki P’s 30 day blog challenge– day 5 was about writing a guest post for another site. My challenge for today is to write about someone else and tell you how awesome they are!

I often tell you about the women behind the fabulous products at Ethnic Supplies but you never hear about the women that make it all work once the products arrive here in the UK. This post is therefore is about those women. They are many and I can’t possibly name them all!

These women share their skills and time with me to ensure that I can be effective at what I do and for that I am grateful. I can honestly say I could not do what I do without them.

Emang Mwanamke


Freda-I met Freda on Twitter a few months ago and I cannot begin to tell you how generous she has been with her time thus far. Freda is an Electrical Engineer and terribly response job but since meeting her she has found time to cover a speaking engagement for me when I was double booked, help out at exhibitions in London and to promote Ethnic Supplies on line. In Freda I have found someone that is as passionate about I do as I am.

Sarah- I met Sarah on Ecademy nearly 3 years ago and as they say the rest is history. Sarah is a firm advocate of


my work and takes ever opportunity to promote my work amongst her huge network online.

Sarah is the Communications Manager at Arrow Light Haulage. Sarah is one of the leading bloggers here in the UK and specializes in Multi Author blogs and when I approached about an idea for all Africa blog she promptly indulged me and the result is  AFRICA ON THE BLOG– Sarah also takes time out of her busy schedule to contribute to this blog

BIRDS– this is a team of women who blog on the aptly named  BIRDS ON THE BLOGwhich is led by Sarah. This team are not only fab friends but support my work at LET THEM HELP THEMSELVES  OUT OF POVERTY by ensuring that 2 orphaned GIRLS have access to education. The BIRDS encourage folk in their individual networks to support and donate money for the various community initiatives in Ruhanga SW Uganda  and one such initiative was the distribution of 250 mosquito nets to the folk of Ruhanga

Nathalie Jamois– I met Nat on ecademy as well and she is the brains behind the fab Ethnic Supplies

Nathalie Jamois

website. She is terribly creative and has done her best to help me understand how websites etc work, but the jury is still out as to whether she has succeeded. As well as  knowing her in a professional capacity, she is a personal friend and a confidant. She sometimes drives me mad but I love her to bits


Nawale I met Nawale when I appeared as a panelist at one of the Business Link road shows for women called what is stopping you. She got in touch and 2 years on she has taken over the sales side of Ethnic Supplies.


Foluke Akinlose- I met Foluke 2 years ago when I was nominated for the PRECIOUS AWARDS.

Foluke Akinlose

I am grateful to Foluke as she uses every opportunity  to promote my work including inviting me to contribute to her latest book The PRECIOUS book of quotes


Irina– I met Irina through Nat- I have never met her in person as she lives in Russia but I am proud to count her amongst my good friends and we have been known to spend hours chatting on skype. Irina is the brains behind the design of this website as well as the LTHT charity webiste and I grateful to her for being so generous as a friend and for sharing her skills with me



Ces is the brains behind Brand Buzz. She too is an avid advocate for my work and has used her expertise in branding to develop a whole new look for the LTHT website. I was pleasantly surprised when her and lovely hubby dropped in one evening to understand what I do and how they can help, bearing in mind that they lived in Liverpool at the time.




Grace is a fellow Ugandan and I met her on UgPulse an online for Ugandans. Grace has been there since the early days and is one of the people I turn to when stuff doesn’t make sense. She is very grounded and calm even when the rest of the world is flapping. She is generous with her time and has been called on many times than I can remember to represent Ethnic Supplies.


They are so many women that make my life easy, I would be here all day if I tried to name them all. You know who you are girlies, I am grateful to you all ladies!



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