Time to grow your own?

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African countries like any other countries are constantly on the look out for investment opportunities. What caught my eye recently is the fact unlike the usual practice of seeking out major corporations as investors  Uganda is looking at this it diaspora for her would be investors.

This is the third year that Uganda is  holding a diaspora investment summit and are calling it  Home is the Best Summit -3

I think this makes a lot of sense as the diaspora often send money to relatives back home which is a form of AID and has been reported to be much higher than some countries get from donor agencies. If this money were to be invested in the country I wonder how much difference that would make?

The diaspora have a great deal to contribute, in terms of skills and knowledge transfer given our unique position “in the middle” of both the west and african cultures.

The question is how well prepared are the African leaders to tap into pool of knowledge, skills and investment capacity?

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