Time to tell Africa’s story?

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his is the conclusion reached by  The Observer newspaper and they have written several articles to prove it

In the first article The Observer editorial tells the readers that Africa has regenerated itself , Europe and Britain in particular must sit up and listen  and most importantly they must take note of the economic development that is unfolding as well as the investment opportunities that available of which China has taken/is taking advantage

I love the second article from The Observer, especially the heading, it says_ IT IS TIME WE LISTENED TO NEW STORIES OUT OF AFRICA– Well I couldn’t argue with that! there are a couple of interesting points in this article-

  1. The Economist revealed last month that six of the 10 most rapidly expanding economies over the past decade were in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Rwanda, Chad and Mozambique
  2. When dealing with Africa we should strive for trade not Aid…
  3. Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf likes to say, there are no poor countries, just rich countries that are poorly managed-
  4. There is still a long way to go. Repression remains rife, corruption endemic, infrastructure woeful, bureaucracy stifling. But one result is that people respond with immense ingenuity and world-beating innovations emerge.

Mrs Johnson makes a  very important point and as the story of Africa evolves  those BAD MANAGERS  should not be shocked when people get fed of poor management and throw them out.

Point number 3 is  important too in the story of Africa- it is the ingenuity that carries us through.

I discussed this story last Sunday in a conversation with the broadcaster Henry Bonsu at VOX AFRICA

I love the third article finally Bono agrees that even he must get out of the way so Africans can tell their stories and even quotes Ory Okolloh as having told a conference that there was a new train leaving the station in Africa – and that people in the west had better get on board or they’ll miss out.

The final article is from an African who lives in Africa- how about that? this article too goes over the History of Africa and end on a positive note of a continent going places and calls on the West to pay attention.

The stories are fascinating for me and no doubt some of my close associates especially those of African heritage will find them fascinating too. For you see we are not as pessimistic as some of the people who have taken the time to comment on those articles even though they had nothing good to say. I bet they would be surprised if I told them that I know Africans who have quit Britain for instance and are paying their mortgages with income they generate out of Africa.

The sort of Africa that we know and love is certainly going places. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know by now for instance that most of us believe the surest way for folk to get out of poverty in Africa is through trade and aid. We also know that so long as the story of Africa remains one of bad news, wars, disease then inward investment will be slow to come in if at all.

We know that the story is one sided, we are not going to sit back and allow it to remain thus, and for that reason last year we got off our backsides to bring you the real African story and what folk are doing to develop their communities in VILLAGES IN ACTION CONFERENCE

Watch this space for new developments!

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