Top tips on how to help folk in the developing world

It is day 2 of Nikki P’s 30 day blog challenge and if you missed day1 you can catch up here. My task for today is to give you the readers some tips  regarding my area of work

This was always going to be a difficult one for me as there are no fast rules here. But I will give it a try by answering a question that comes up time and time again

What can we in the West do to help folk in Africa?

  1. Involve the community right from the start in any development programme to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the same situation Madonna did, as correcting mistake can be expensive and a lot of harm may have been done by then.
  2. if you want to help, do your home work and find out who needs your help, find out too if your values and theirs line up, this will save you heartache along the way. For example if you believe AID as tool to fight poverty is wrong then seek out organisations that help communities become self sufficient such as the charity  SEND A COW
  3. money is hard to come by these days and if you are like me you probably  need every penny you make, but at some level you feel that you ought to make a contribution to folk in the developing world. My tip would be look at shopping your habits.  The choices you make can create a win win win situation which ensures that although you have parted with your your money it has gone towards something you wanted to buy anyway, so you have something to show for your money but the person in the developing world has earned an income by virtue of your purchase and the retailer has earned an income too. How would this work in practice? Well, you maybe looking for new summer accessories and where you choose to buy these accessories may impact folk in the developing world.
  4. Finally have you considered sharing your skills with folk in the developing world.  Now most folk I come across do not know that they have skills folk need or are worried about being required by orgnanisations to commit to a specific number of months whilst some worry about cost. This needn’t be the case, and if you don’t believe me check this out this project. If you ordinarily spend your two week holiday in Ibiza, you may want to spend it in a a typical African village, where you could learn about their  way of life,  teach English in a local school etc- this would mean an alternative holiday for you but also the folk in the community would benefit from any skills you may have. I can also guarantee that this would be the best holiday you ever took

    So there you have it folk,  these tips will enable you

    • to  help those less fortunate than you are without breaking into  a bank,
    • support causes that appeal to your core values by creating  win, win win situations that mean you have something to show for your hard earned cash
    • and also enable you to share your skills with folk in the developing world


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