Uganda@50- Is there any good news out there?

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Uganda celebrates its Golden Jubilee today that is 50 years of independence from the British Government. A lot has gone wrong over those 50 years and it is very easy to write off a country by focusing on what is going wrong. This  is not to say that there no challenges of course there are and a lot of work is required to address these challenges, but  for today’s post I will focus on what the  positives

  1. In 2011 Lonely Planet voted Uganda amongst the top ten destinations for 2012
  2. Kampala is the safest city in Africa
  3. Some of the 790 Mountain Gorillas leave in Uganda’s tropical forests- Bwindi and Mgahinga
  4. Uganda has 1000 bird species
  5. Uganda has some of the world famous waters- Lake Victoria and the River Nile
  6. If you would like to go skiing in the tropics, head to Uganda’s highest point- Mount Rwenzori aka Mountains on the moon
  7. Ugandans are the friendliest people in the world
  8. The White Rhino has been successfully reintroduced in Uganda
  9. Uganda’s Tourism is the fastest growing in the region
  10. Uganda has reduced inflation from nearly 240% in 1987 to 5.4% in 2012
  11. August 2012 the African Development Bank issued a local currency bond on the Uganda stock exchange and this is the only the second country in Africa where Africa development bank has felt that there is enough credit rating, the first one was south africa, and the second one was Uganda last
  12. Coffee of Nebbi District Western Nile is the 2nd best amongst African Coffees
  13. Uganda’s Shea Butter is more prized than any other
  14. In 2007  Uganda hosted the Queen of England and other Heads of state from the Commonwealth



  1. Uganda was one of the first countries in the East African region to introduce Universal primary education which has benefited children from Easter n Congo
  2. Uganda has some of the best schools within the East African region and these are attended by  mostly students from Tanzania
  3. Uganda has the youngest female Mp at 19 years of age
  4. Ian Clarke Irish man who has lived in Uganda for several years was voted in a s Local Councillor for the ward he calls home
  5. Uganda has some of the most fertile soils in Africa- you can grow almost anything here
  6. Growth in Technology is playing a huge role in the development of Uganda

My challenge to you readers is to add to this list

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