What would you use wild silk fabric for?

Every now and again people find this blog because of the words or questions they have typed into their search engine. I used to ignore these questions but I have started paying more attention to them .


We all turn to the internet everyone now and again to find quick answers to questions we might have or for information. I am no exception. So I benefit from that type of service I figured I ought to contribute.

Previous posts have answered questions like



The title of this post is a question that someone asked and it led them to my blog. I have written about wild silk but the did not answer the question WHAT WOULD YOU USE WILD SILK FABRIC FOR? so the person who asked this question is unlikely to have found an answer here.  this post will seek to correct that.

What is wild silk?

Unlike fine silk which is produced from worms  that have been domesticated and not allowed to live their full life wild silk is produced from cocoons where the month has left naturally. This means that the resultant thread is broken and coarse/rough in texture. Because of the way wild silk is produced it is often referred to as Humane or peace silk.

In Madagascar wild silk is produced from a silk worm  called Landibe ( borocera madagascariensis) and is a large kind of silk cocoon made by a number of silkworms working in one cocoon

I have discussed the importance of silk to Malagasy people in this post so what would we in the west use it for

The wild silk fabric is very warm and gives a comforting feeling in in spite of its appearance so it can be put to several uses

  1. Winter scarves and shawls
  2. Fashion accessories
  3. Lampshades
  4. Cushion covers
  5. Floor rugs
  6. Tableware
  7. Clothing- mostly winter

Ethnic Supplies works alongside a conservation Charity based in Scotland called   FEEDBACK MADAGASCAR who support the Ny Tanintsika community project with a view to ensure that this way of life is sustained and also that folk can earn a sustainable income. You can support these initiatives by buying one of our wild silk products.

This Video from Reuters provides more information about the impact of wild silk production on the lives of folk in rural Madagascar

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